Thursday, May 15, 2008

Best Blog EVER!!!!

I want to share with you the best blog I have ever read. It's about a couple in North Carolina (Nate and Tricia) and their little baby Gywneth. It's isn't because of the great writing, although I think Nate writes pretty well and is even humorous. It isn't because they have ultra glamorous and chic lives. It's because daily their lives reaffirm for me the beauty of God's grace. Read this post to get caught up on everything and not have to spend hours reading to get the background, although I'm sure eventually you will. Everyday this blog brings a smile to my face :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Please Do It-It's Free!!!!

Please, please, please join the National Bone Marrow Registry. It's quick, easy, and painless! And if you join through the 19th-it's free! It never costs for you to give bone marrow- the cost is with processing your kit. If you sign up online it takes about 10 minutes and then they'll send a kit to your house and you swab your cheeks with a Q-Tip and send it back to them. And best of all you could save someone's life!