Monday, August 17, 2009


Every Saturday I can be found is something I look forward to every week. I know getting up early on Saturday? To be with kids? After being with kids all week? But seriously once you get addicted and the kids mean too much to me NOT to go...regulars get it everyone else...well that's ok :)

So two Saturdays ago we had the annual backpack day where kids from grades pre-k to 12th grade get backpacks full of school supplies. My church had donated 600 backpacks. But it wasn't enough. There were around 900 kids there that day. I am also a bus monitor on my bus that hold 58 there were 92 people. Usually I have around 20-35 boys in my pre-k/k class and there were over 70. It was a hot, sticky, chaotic and exhausting day. We had to do two bus routes on the way home so everyone could ride more safely. I left feeling discouraged and overwhelmed but at the same time amazed at what God could do. 300 kids going away empty handed, most of them regulars BROKE my heart at its core. But seeing how many kids got to experience the LOVE that is OCC left me AMAZED at God.

This past Saturday we had backpacks round 2. I am happy to say as far as I know EVERY kid walked away with a backpack. It was HOT, STICKY, and a little chaotic still (but not as much). I saw how God just has his own timing and how He will meet all of our needs. Maybe not how we want but how He sees fit. After all He is ALL knowing, NOT us. Sometimes, He says look at my power I can bring 900 kids out to hear about my love. Then, He follows that up with LEAN into me and I will provide for all of those kids.

And look at those smiles, these are regulars that got backpacks the second time around...don't think they'll remember that they didn't get the 1st time but they WILL remember how people provided for GOD provided for them

Back to life...back to reality

Back to school means back to bentos...which I haven't done in's a quick and easy one...pasta salad and salad...just lacking some protein...but one step at a time :)

Not Me Monday

I've always loved reading "Not Me Mondays" at My Charming Kids. So here it goes my first not me post:

I most certainly did not eat steal granola off of the lunch plate of one of my preschoolers because I was STARVING and my lunch break was not for another 1.5 hours and I didn't bring any food to school. I would NEVER take food from a small child, even if she wasn't eating it.

I would never volunteer to get refill the water pitcher for my class just so I could get some left over pastry in the kitchen and leave my assistant on the playground while I enjoyed some peace inside.

I would never eat almost a half of bag of challah bread...I would certainly show some restraint, especially since the loaf of bread is our morning snack.

I would never hope that the beta fish I inherited in my class would die. I love all of God's creatures and would never want to even hurt a house fly. Even if he is almost half dead and the kids don't even notice I consider him a valuable part of God's creation.

Right now they are all about school because it has been a rough start but thankful things are getting better! I know it's not where I am going to be forever but I am SO thankful I am not back at my old school and to be working with children.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

So somethings in my life are less than ideal:

1. I'm in transition
2. My new job is ROUGH...I've never worked with this age group and they are really young and just not my ideal.
3. I'm working more hours for less money...not fun :)
4. I don't have a camera or a computer of my own.
5. I've had a lot of struggles with people in the church...but I believe that the church is a hospital...everyone there is sick in their own way...and I am choosing to think what faith lesson can I learn and move's too short to live wounded

But I've come to believe lately that 95% of happiness is your state of mind. And in this phase of my life I am choosing to be happy and a lot of times that means listing my blessings because sometimes it can be hard to see the light through all of the stuff going on. That's why I want to do Wonderful Wednesday....

I wish I could make a header for this but I can't no computer= no photoshop so here is my very ghetto header

1. I have some WONDERFUL friends who are so sweet to me :)
2. I have a job when other people don't
3. I spend my Saturdays at the best possible place ... these kids saved me spiritually in a way that they'll NEVER know
4. I have this girl in my class, Hope and she adores me. She loves to hug me and hold my hand and walk around the playground. I love making her smile :)
5. I have a REALLY sweet family :)
6. I love that NCIS marathons are on all the sucks me in like a vortex :)
7. I get a FREE gym membership at my new job... SWEET :)
8. I am reading this AMAZING book. I've wanted to read this book for 2 years and finally bought it with a gift card I got for my birthday. It has also sucked me in like a vortex :)
9. I love the generosity of my church...they are people who truly live like Jesus...they collect 600 backpacks for OCC in just two weeks.
10. This less than ideal job has put a fire under my butt to get where I need to the classroom :)

So what's wonderful about your life now?

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Back :)

A lot of things have changed in my life since I stopped posting.

1. I got a NEW job! I no longer work at the crazy school. I am still teaching preschool but in a MUCH better environment. Although I REALLY miss kindergarten.

2.My brother did get married :)

3. I have added one nephew and one niece to my family :) I haven't met my nephew yet but I can't wait :) I saw my niece when she was born and it was AMAZING :)

4. Defected from my old book club because we just have different taste in me and some girls started our own book club and now we have a nice size :)

5. Cut my hair short...I've had long hair for at least 7 years...can't wait to get it reshaped on Saturday...I'll post a picture then because now it is just gross.

Friday, November 28, 2008

My Brother's Wedding (part one)

So tomorrow is my baby brother's wedding. Tonight was the rehearsal dinner. My brother is one very blessed boy. (Actually, we were all born into an awesome family) But tonight was all about Andrew and Erin. My mom graciously opened up her house to 85 people. Yup, 85 people! And most of them were from Erin's side of the family. We ate outside and it was beautiful. Here's my photomentary.
Getting ready

Look at all of the homemade rolls...YUMMY!

Some of the yummy homemade pies

This is my parent's garage that was transformed into the serving area

This is the driveway where we all ate (see the 1st picture)

Cousins Isabella and Gracie Jane meet for the 1st time

My dad giving a speech

Cutest baby ever!
All of the people
The happy couple
A.I. +E.B. (it looked better in person)

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Human Spirit

I am often amazed by the power of the human spirit and how people overcome tragedy or withstand adversities that come their way. Many of you know about Ellie the strength of Ellie during her fight and her family today amazes me. Now there are some more people who are in need of prayer. Watching ER I was brought to tears once again as Angela Basset said
"When your parents are gone you're an orphan.
Spouse dies you're a widow or widower.
But when you lose your baby there's no words for that"

Wow! What an amazing statement. Losing a child is so unnatural. Parents should go first.
Melanie and Nick went through an awful struggle only to lose their precious Anna. Please go before God on their behalf and ask him to comfort them. Melanie was such a warrior for her little girl.

A lot of people have heard about Nie Nie. I love Stephanie's appreciation of the small things and how happy she was in her life. Please pray for Stephanie, Christian, and their 3 children. Stephanie's sisters have been awesome warriors on her behalf, stepping in to care for their nieces/nephew as their own.

I am not a big fan of religion or religious people. I truly believe with all my heart that the truly religious follow this verse:
Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father
means caring for orphans and widows in their distress
and refusing to let the world corrupt you.
James 1:27
Have a great weekend!