Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bad Week :(

So far this week my hard drive on my Mac crashed :( I have a horrible on its last leg PC that I am using. I HATE PCs :( Hopefully, I can get a good deal on a new Mac off ebay. Refrigdgerator was leaking water into the neighbors and I had to deal with my idiot landlord. That meant I couldn't cook my meals for the week when I had planned-so that has been all off. And I've lost my camera. I know its somewhere, but I have no idea where. So I can't take pictures on bentos. But on a happy note...we all thought my grandfather was on the brink of death but he seems to be making a great recovery! He is one VERY tough guy :) Well the oven is blaring at me...I have an old oven-it doesn't blairs. Hopefully, bentos will be back up next week.

PS-I changed my inspiration to green/healthy living...I'll try to put up more sites...if you have any good ones let me know.

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