Thursday, June 12, 2008


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This is the second in my series of alternatives to Harry Potter. If you are a girl especially you have to read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. I know it's about high school, but the series is SO addictive. It's about a girl named Bella who moves to Washington to live with her dad. Bella is typical, unassuming, and clumsy. Bella meets a beautiful boy named Edward and beautiful family the Cullens. Bella soon learns that Edward and his family are vampires. And the plot thickens and expands to 4 books (the 4th and final will be release on August 2nd). When you start reading Twilight it is a little slow, but just keep with it. If anyone local wants to borrow my copies let me know :)

Quick Review:
Stars: ***** out 5

Summary: Bella has come to the small town of Forks on the gloomy, rainy Olympic Peninsula live with her father, Charlie. At school, she meets a group of five extremely beautiful teens, who sit together in the cafeteria but never eat. She meets Edward and starts to like him. It is then that she learns their secret they are all rescued vampires. The head of the family, Carlisle, trained them to reject human prey for animals. The Cullens welcome Bella, but the family is divided when a roving group of tracker vampires fixates on Bella. The Cullens must protect the fragile human in their midst.

If you like: Harry Potter, Vampires, Anne of Green Gables meets

Smut Rating: I would rate Twilight PG for the violence and high school themes. The other books I would rate PG -13 because they have a little bit more adult themes.

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akeorlando said...

This book is supposed to be extremely popular, and having a pretty solid following. I actually saw a piece on one of the entertainment shows not too long ago that it's being made into a film.

Maybe I'll have to consider reading the book!