Monday, October 20, 2008

So I really wanted to go to the Obama rally today which was held like 7 minutes from my work. I don't want to talk politics or debate with anyone, but he's my boy and I wanted to see him. Sadly, work doesn't get done until 4 and shuttle service started at 1 and by the time I got off it was way TOO crowded. This is Florida and even if we are having beautiful "fall" weather my idea of fun is not standing smooshed with a bunch of sweating people who have been standing in the hot sun since 1 and didn't wear deorderant. So I did what I do every Monday and Wednesday I went to Zumba! And I got all sweaty, but I burned calories too :)

Zumba is high cardio Latin dance workout and it is SO much fun! I've done the DVDs off and on for years, but the instructor, Sharon at the Y is SO awesome! The hour goes by so quick!

Since we are learning about careers we had to make cookies in Kindergarten. job EVER! I found this great sugar cookie recipe. I'm not even a huge fan of sugar cookies and these were really good! Hence, another reason why I had to go to Zumba instead of Obama is I ate 3 cookies (YIKES!)

Mixing is always their favorite part :) That and
I let them taste the batter :)

And a nice end to my day was 2 great parents doing career presentations. I wish I had offspring just to put in Monica's drama class. She is so kid-friendly and high energy. And a dad who brings Universal swag isn't so bad either :)

Now I'm going to end my day with one of the funniest shows on tv....The Big Bang Theory. Seriously, this show is so great and keeps getting better. It's these nerdy scientists who live across the hall from a cute waitress wannabe actress. The interaction between the two worlds is REALLY funny! The actor who plays Sheldon is SO great that if I saw him in real life I'd have a hard time believing he wasn't this quirky guy. Tomorrow is bookclub and I'm giving away our book either tomorrow or Wednesday.

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