Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I try to do this every week in my journal so I thought I would start sharing my gratitudes here. It's also part of my quest to be a more authentic person :)

1. A great church where I have heard God speak to me volumes. It's not perfect.But neither am I. And I'm learning to listen to God's voice and obey and let go of what I want.

2. Even though times are tough and even though my boss is crazy I have a job. And its an awesome job. I have the sweetest classes and I love every single minute (of working with the kids) That's me being brave an holding a baby chick. (I'm scared of birds)

3. Spending every Thursday with my sister, Nick, and the cutest baby ever.

4. Having a best friend who keeps it real.

5. Realizing that no matter what I do and who I am I matter to God and He cares about me.

6. Cheap new shiny shoes. My little girls love these shoes too :)

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