Friday, November 28, 2008

My Brother's Wedding (part one)

So tomorrow is my baby brother's wedding. Tonight was the rehearsal dinner. My brother is one very blessed boy. (Actually, we were all born into an awesome family) But tonight was all about Andrew and Erin. My mom graciously opened up her house to 85 people. Yup, 85 people! And most of them were from Erin's side of the family. We ate outside and it was beautiful. Here's my photomentary.
Getting ready

Look at all of the homemade rolls...YUMMY!

Some of the yummy homemade pies

This is my parent's garage that was transformed into the serving area

This is the driveway where we all ate (see the 1st picture)

Cousins Isabella and Gracie Jane meet for the 1st time

My dad giving a speech

Cutest baby ever!
All of the people
The happy couple
A.I. +E.B. (it looked better in person)


aliann said...

It looks amazing! I can't believe your mom had so many people over, but I bet it was all wonderful.
Looking forward to the wedding tomorrow.

Henry and Darla said...

Your mother is an amazing woman, who has raised 4 amazing children.