Monday, August 17, 2009


Every Saturday I can be found is something I look forward to every week. I know getting up early on Saturday? To be with kids? After being with kids all week? But seriously once you get addicted and the kids mean too much to me NOT to go...regulars get it everyone else...well that's ok :)

So two Saturdays ago we had the annual backpack day where kids from grades pre-k to 12th grade get backpacks full of school supplies. My church had donated 600 backpacks. But it wasn't enough. There were around 900 kids there that day. I am also a bus monitor on my bus that hold 58 there were 92 people. Usually I have around 20-35 boys in my pre-k/k class and there were over 70. It was a hot, sticky, chaotic and exhausting day. We had to do two bus routes on the way home so everyone could ride more safely. I left feeling discouraged and overwhelmed but at the same time amazed at what God could do. 300 kids going away empty handed, most of them regulars BROKE my heart at its core. But seeing how many kids got to experience the LOVE that is OCC left me AMAZED at God.

This past Saturday we had backpacks round 2. I am happy to say as far as I know EVERY kid walked away with a backpack. It was HOT, STICKY, and a little chaotic still (but not as much). I saw how God just has his own timing and how He will meet all of our needs. Maybe not how we want but how He sees fit. After all He is ALL knowing, NOT us. Sometimes, He says look at my power I can bring 900 kids out to hear about my love. Then, He follows that up with LEAN into me and I will provide for all of those kids.

And look at those smiles, these are regulars that got backpacks the second time around...don't think they'll remember that they didn't get the 1st time but they WILL remember how people provided for GOD provided for them

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