Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

So somethings in my life are less than ideal:

1. I'm in transition
2. My new job is ROUGH...I've never worked with this age group and they are really young and just not my ideal.
3. I'm working more hours for less money...not fun :)
4. I don't have a camera or a computer of my own.
5. I've had a lot of struggles with people in the church...but I believe that the church is a hospital...everyone there is sick in their own way...and I am choosing to think what faith lesson can I learn and move's too short to live wounded

But I've come to believe lately that 95% of happiness is your state of mind. And in this phase of my life I am choosing to be happy and a lot of times that means listing my blessings because sometimes it can be hard to see the light through all of the stuff going on. That's why I want to do Wonderful Wednesday....

I wish I could make a header for this but I can't no computer= no photoshop so here is my very ghetto header

1. I have some WONDERFUL friends who are so sweet to me :)
2. I have a job when other people don't
3. I spend my Saturdays at the best possible place ... these kids saved me spiritually in a way that they'll NEVER know
4. I have this girl in my class, Hope and she adores me. She loves to hug me and hold my hand and walk around the playground. I love making her smile :)
5. I have a REALLY sweet family :)
6. I love that NCIS marathons are on all the sucks me in like a vortex :)
7. I get a FREE gym membership at my new job... SWEET :)
8. I am reading this AMAZING book. I've wanted to read this book for 2 years and finally bought it with a gift card I got for my birthday. It has also sucked me in like a vortex :)
9. I love the generosity of my church...they are people who truly live like Jesus...they collect 600 backpacks for OCC in just two weeks.
10. This less than ideal job has put a fire under my butt to get where I need to the classroom :)

So what's wonderful about your life now?


Jessica said...

What a great idea, Kelley. It's also nice to see the honesty on here...I think sometimes it can be discouraging when you read just happy nice things all the time & feel like you're the only one going through difficulties. Here's to things looking up but, more than that, great attitudes!

Erin said...

I echo Jessica's comment. Great idea!