Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday

I've always loved reading "Not Me Mondays" at My Charming Kids. So here it goes my first not me post:

I most certainly did not eat steal granola off of the lunch plate of one of my preschoolers because I was STARVING and my lunch break was not for another 1.5 hours and I didn't bring any food to school. I would NEVER take food from a small child, even if she wasn't eating it.

I would never volunteer to get refill the water pitcher for my class just so I could get some left over pastry in the kitchen and leave my assistant on the playground while I enjoyed some peace inside.

I would never eat almost a half of bag of challah bread...I would certainly show some restraint, especially since the loaf of bread is our morning snack.

I would never hope that the beta fish I inherited in my class would die. I love all of God's creatures and would never want to even hurt a house fly. Even if he is almost half dead and the kids don't even notice I consider him a valuable part of God's creation.

Right now they are all about school because it has been a rough start but thankful things are getting better! I know it's not where I am going to be forever but I am SO thankful I am not back at my old school and to be working with children.

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