Monday, February 11, 2008

Bento Means Cram It In There

Okay after looking at a lot of different bento blogs my brain finally got it. Bento means fill every available space. So hopefully, today's bento is more bento than my previous bentos (if that makes any sense). Today's bento has mango, kiwi, grapes, rice, green beans, soy sauce in the bunny and the best steak I've ever made, but sadly forgot the recipe.

Also EVERY single container here was purchased at the dollar store!!! I am still anxiously awaiting the opening of Ichiban Kan website in April. So I can buy bento stuff for cheap, cheap, cheap! I have two more stores I am going to check out this week to see if I can find one scrap of bento stuff in Orlando.

Tomorrow's bento clue: Konnichiwa

1 comment:

tricia said...

yay! You have a blog! I also love bento boxes, but haven't bought one because of $$. Well, that and the fact I really don't have anywhere to take one.