Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wednesday and Thursday Bento

Okay, so maybe I am a little obsessed with Mediterranean inspired bentos. Wednesday's bento was steak gyros, kiwi, caprese salad, green beans, and strawberries. Thursday's bento was Greek pasta salad, tomato, mozzarella, and green bean salad with Balsamic dressing, and grapes.

Here's the recipe for the pasta salad which is SUPER yummy!

You'll need:
chopped garlic
olive oil (to coat the fry pan)
1/2 box of pasta- I used whole wheat rotini
3 chicken breast-chopped
3/4 cup of Feta cheese
2/3 cup of tomatoes-chopped

In a pan simmer chopped garlic and olive oil. Add chopped chicken and cook throughly (about 6 minutes). While you are cooking the chicken in a pot boil water. When the water is boiling add pasta. I used whole wheat rotini. Cook the pasta al dente. (If you don't know how to cook pasta-CALL YOUR MOTHER!!!!) After the chicken is cooked at the feta cheese and tomatoes and cook until the cheese is melted. While it's cooking add dill. I LOVE dill so I add a ton. After, it's all done squeeze some lemon juice over your chicken creation. I am a weekend cooker-meaning I cook on the weekend for the rest of the week-so I let it all cool down and popped in the fridge. Since there is no sauce with this, you'll need to eat it hot. If you want to eat it cold I suggest tossing with Greek dressing or making a sauce maybe with Feta cheese and tomatoes, and a tiny bit of Greek dressing. Enjoy!


Jessica said...

Um...will you come cook for me for the week? I could use a break & it looks yummy!

Kelley said...


bunbun said...

I wish you would have been my k teacher!!!!!
Love your bento ideas, they will help me out a lot in my bento missions!
Thank you for your sweet comment!