Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I copied the owl from this bento. Hers is much better :) I don't eat eggs so I had to be creative with the eyes and my temporary bento is square and hers is rectangle. The "nest" is udon noodles and chicken, the eyes are mango, nori wings. In the bunny is organic peanut sauce. The other side is kiwi, Clementine orange, grapes and blueberries. My prep time is like 10 minutes. I cook all my meals for the week on the weekend. I have a rotating schedule so I don't eat the same thing for lunch and dinner in the same day.

I've also been really trying to expand what I eat. My first experience with udon noodles was NOT good at all. I got some from the Asian Super Duper Market (as it is called by my Asian students) and they were horrible. I found some organic udon noodles at whole foods and mixed them with peanut sauce...MUCH better!

On another note, one of my favorite bento blogs posted today about glass vs plastic. I'm glad she posted some ideas because I don't microwave my plastic. I am stopping by one of the Asian stores by work tomorrow to see if they have some glass containers (I was going to stop today but didn't want to get caught in the rain). Hopefully, they'll have something for cheap :) I don't even like to put my plastic in the dishwasher.

Tomorrow's clue: USA meets Mexico


meg said...

love the blog! you're going to get me hooked on bentos, I just know it...


Kelley said...

Thanks! They are so addictive and they take away any bad day at work!

Jessica said...

That looks so cool, I love it!

I'm glad to see another in the group who is adverse to plastic. I'd love some nice glass storage containers & I also won't microwave my plastic & hate putting it in the dishwasher.