Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

So my Valentine's Day at school was totally exhausting! In preschool we passed out valentines, make chocolate chip cookies, I received BEAUTIFUL tulips, and they finished their Valentines to their moms. It was so cute. It's picture number 5 and it's a bug and it says I'm your lovebug! Happy Valentine's Day. My Japanese student made those awesome dog origami Valentines all by himself and he's only 3!!! He's so sweet and amazing. Then, they passed out their Valentines and everyone got a TON of candy!!! In kindergarten, we made pizza, mini chocolate cakes for their moms, played outside some, and passed out Valentines. Everyone made their own Valentine keepsake book and they glued their Valentines in those. It was such a fun and fast paced day, but I am totally exhausted :( It was totally worth it when "Elle" came up to me and gave me a hug and said this is for all your hard work! AWWW!!! I also got some really sweet gifts...LOTS of candy, pretty pink towels, pretty pink mixing bowls, "pearl" earrings that are pretty cute, a nice smelling soy candle, and heart shaped post its. It was a great Valentine's Day!

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