Thursday, March 13, 2008

Future Starving Artists

If you are in the Orlando area and are attending the Winter Park Art Festival be sure to stop by the student art exhibit, specifically tent number 9. My kindergarten students will have art work on display. And while I am not an artist, some how I have been given the ability to break down art and teach young ones how to recreate it. Here's a sneak peak of my favorite piece:

No the picture is not crooked. It is framed, but who cares about the frame. I guess this is my favorite because penguins are so dang cute and every penguin deserves an igloo, right? Here's one final sneak peak:

Now I am not a cat lover by any means, but what girl doesn't love a pink cat? Kinda reminds me of Hello Kitty. Actually, now that I think about it there is something that I really love about every piece. Maybe after the show I'll post the rest, but if I post them all now my Orlando readers will have no reason to check it out.

Now on to bento stuff. I LOVE LOVE LOVE lasagna. I didn't discover this love until around 1-2 years ago. I've always had lasagna, but was so so about it. Now my passion for lasagna runs so deep I have eaten it THREE times this week, including lunch today. So here's my lasagna bento:
Pretty easy. I think prep time was like 10 minutes (including making the salad and cutting the apple). Lasagna, mango, tangerine, apple, salad with balsamic dressing.

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