Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

So I'm not Irish and of all the holidays I celebrate at school St. Patrick's has to be my least favorite. The best thing for me is the leprechauns. Every year we make a leprechaun costume and a leprechaun trap. The kids usually bring things for the trap (either green, shiny, or rainbow) well this year only one kid brought something . So this year's trap is the least creative and my least favorite. It didn't help that St. Patrick's Day was on a Monday so even though they wrote messages to their parents I couldn't remind them, which helps a lot. Hey, I know parents are busy! It was still lots of fun! The leprechaun left us stickers, necklaces, Lucky Charms to do a counting activity with, and and green coins. The leprechaun costumes look super cute! Sorry for the blurred face I don't want to post my students. Tomorrow is preschool Egg Hunt!

On the Bento front: I've been making a lot of repeats for lack of recipe inspiration, but I've ordered a new cookbook so hopefully in the next week or two I'll have some new recipes...this from the girl who used to eat the same thing for a two weeks then switch...so new things every day is a change for me.

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