Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meet my little girl

I would like to introduce my little girl, Roxie.

Roxie was a birthday gift from my siblings 2 years ago. She is half pug/half chihuahua. And I realize she is not a real person and only a pet, but for 13 pounds she has A LOT of personality.
Roxie loves going for runs and playing fetch. She is also VERY sneaky and steals markers, pens, paper towels, pencils, food wrappers. I am much better at human discipline then doggie discipline.

Roxie has very unusual eating habits. She is on a raw diet and she LOVES vegetables.
Your eyes do not deceive you. Those are peas she is eating.

The cutest thing about Roxie is her "lovies". I am a sucker for human children and their lovies. I think it is the cutest thing. Meet Roxie's 4th lovie, Bernie (The previous 3 were duplicates of the same lovie, Smokey. Smokey was a Siberian Huskey that Roxie "conquered" aka destroyed...yes all three of them in less than 2 years)

It's obvious Bernie has been loved lots and lots. The sweetest thing ever is while she is sleeping, Roxie will suck on Bernie's face. Hence, the missing face. Here's the two of them together:

So now you have meet, Roxie.

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SENTA said...

Aww, I LOVE your puppy!! What a cutie! Logically I know they are dogs but I always forget...mine seem like little people who don't talk that much :) Roxie is so cute, you should post more!