Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My favorite bento

Sorry for falling off the planet! I was sick and had to throw my sister a baby shower and then last week I was just too tired. This is one of my favorite bentos. On the left is organic yogurt (it's plain, which is for sure an acquired taste) with mangoes. I buy a HUGE bag of frozen mangoes and just plop them in the yogurt frozen.

Frozen fruit is a working girl's best bento friend. It is SO nice not to have to chop up fruit and deal with that mess. Frozen fruit is perfect for bentos whether you refrigerate or not. You can just plop them and they'll be ready by lunch time.

On the other half is cherry crepe. Ohhhhh SO delicious. It's SO easy. And crepes are a moderately healthy "pastry". With hardly any fat or sugar. To keep it healthy in a small sauce pan add whatever frozen fruit your little heart desires and put the heat on medium and "melt" the fruit. (This week I had cherry and last week I had mixed fruit, both were SUPER yummy.) You DON'T want to make a sauce. You want to keep most of the fruit "in tact", meaning only let about 1/8th-1/4th of the fruit become a sauce. To make a bento sized crepe cut the crepe in half and layer them on top of each other. This also makes your crepe extra sturdy. Also in this bento are strawberries and grapes.

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bunbun said...

thanks for the crepe tips!

I only like plain yogurt, I think flavored yogurt is kind of gross. Fruit is all you need! Greek style yogurt is my very favorite!!!!!