Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pillars of the Earth

There is NOTHING I love more than a good book. I have always been a fast and voracious reader since I could read. I have such fond memories of books. Every Valentine's Day my mom would give us a book for a present. I still average one to two books a week. How do I do it? I try to cut out as much television as possible. I am even in a book club, which is so much fun! Since I read so much I'm going to try and post some book reviews.

Pillars of the Earth (how do you underline on this thing?) was recommended at my book club. When the book was first explained the girl said she couldn't stop reading it and that it was one of her most favorite books. Okay, I was intrigued. Then, she said it was about Medieval Times and I was put off. When she added that it was close to 1000 pages two things happened: 1. I was put off 2. I felt challenged. So I bought the book from Amazon.

I have to say it was one of the MOST amazing stories I have ever read. Even if you are not interested in Medieval Times, like me. Pillars is a story of family, friendship, and survival. There are so many strong and likable characters, as well as, characters that you love to hate. And like the girl at book club said I could not put it down and finished the book in a week. Yup 1000 pages in a week.

And while the author does describe things he does not go into boring monologues or over describe things, which often happens in period books.

Pillars is not a recently written was written in 1989 (which while some of you may like to think was recent...its close to 20 years ago). However, Pillars recently soared in fame from being an Oprah selection. The author was right in his forward...Pillars is a word of mouth book. You love it and you spread the word. And there is a "sequel". I put sequel in quotes because it takes place 200-300 years later, but the characters are related to the ones in Pillars.

Quick Review:
Stars: ***** out 5

Summary: Pillars of the Earth is about Prior Phillip's quest to build a huge Gothic cathedral in 12th century England, Tom Builder who is Phillip's architect, and Aliena a wealthy girl with a shameful secret. This epic novel is about the struggle for survival and family during a time when England was war-torn and the impact the feudal system and the Catholic church had over the people.

If you like: There is really nothing I have read like this book.

Smut Rating: I would rate this book a solid M for mature audiences. There are graphic sex scenes and disturbing scenes of violence. Although I must clarify this book is more centrally based on the struggle for survival and following dreams
then smut.


tricia said...

I first read this book , maybe 15 years ago, whenever it was first published, and I loved it. I've lost track of how many times I've re-read it and listened to it on cd while driving to KY. It is a great read!

SENTA said...

I loved this book too, I was so surprised. It didn't sound like my kind of book but my hubby got it for Christmas and I was desperate for something to read one night. I couldn't put it down, it was one sleepless week!! :)